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February 16, 2013 / lorisweere

Angel Foundation: A Brief Overview By Lori Sweere

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Angel Foundation aids individuals with cancer by providing financial and emotional support. Founded in 2001 with money from an oncology practice, Angel Foundation has given families more than $3 million in non-emergency financial assistance to help pay for food, gas, utilities, and housing. Another Angel Foundation endeavor, Facing Cancer Together, serves as a year-long educational program that helps families to grow in understanding and strength.

Families can apply for assistance from Angel Foundation at The patient who has cancer must be at least 18 years old, must be undergoing treatment at the time of the application, and must be living or being treated within a seven-county area of Minnesota. Applicants may receive aid only once every two years.

Angel Foundation’s website also has other useful features. Those who are interested in sponsoring the organization’s mission can learn more about the process by visiting the website. Additionally, the site includes a video collection that highlights people who have been honored for their involvement in cancer care.

About the Author

Lori Sweere serves as the Executive Vice President of Human Capital at UnitedHealth Group in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She donates to Angel Foundation.


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