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June 28, 2012 / lorisweere

Lori Sweere on Increasing Employee Engagement

Lori Sweere, a Human Resources executive in the insurance industry, continues to offer advice about employee engagement.

Q: How can managers increase employee engagement?

A: Managers should clear away obstacles to achievement. Make sure that rules and regulations allow room for employees to make suggestions and improve processes. Talk to employees and ask them where their bottlenecks are and what they need to do their jobs effectively. Don’t write off rejections of new policies as simple disgruntlement. Employees usually have reasons for their objections. Take the time to understand what those reasons are.

Q: What specific strategies help to engage employees?

A: Managers should set clear goals and objectives so that employees know what they are working toward. They should provide ongoing feedback and coaching and work to develop their employees so they may achieve their career objectives. Both managers and employees should take advantage of any opportunity for development, whether it be self directed or through a company-sponsored program.


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